Enjoy Live Boxing Action for Free: Explore the 15 Best Streaming Platforms

Are you a boxing enthusiast looking for affordable ways to satisfy your passion for the sport? The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank by subscribing to cable TV. With the abundance of free boxing streams available, you can quench your thirst for boxing without emptying your pockets. However, it’s important to note that geo-restrictions may limit your access to these streams based on your location. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: employing a VPN allows you to bypass these restrictions and unlock the world of free boxing streams.

In this article, we will examine the top 15 websites that offer free boxing streams, enabling you to savor the excitement of the sport without incurring any subscription costs.

Essential Boxing Streaming Sites: Top 15+ Platforms to Explore

  1. DaddyLiveHD
  2. Buffstreams
  3. Stream2Watch
  4. StreamEast
  5. Live TV
  6. FreeInterTV
  7. VIPRow Sports
  8. FirstRow Sports
  9. Buffstream
  10. SportSurge
  11. Box. Live
  12. SportRAR.TV
  13. Boxing Stream Links
  14. Team USA Boxing
  15. 123TV



DaddyLive is a free website to watch boxing matches online, offering users access to most ongoing sporting events and detailed schedules. In addition to boxing, you can also watch soccer, cricket, NBA, tennis, NFL, and other exciting events. DaddyLive is a free website loved by sports fans.

However, it is noted that the DaddyLive website will pop up many ads, so users should be careful not to click on them when using them. And the streams sometimes buffer because it is a free website after all.



BuffStreams is a free sports streaming site. There is no registration or subscription required, just select an item and watch it. There are also sports event time listings. BuffStreams allows you to watch popular and smaller sports events and popular events such as soccer – Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, NFL, NBA, WTA events boxing. 

However, ad intrusion is inevitable and ad pop-ups may appear and stay for a long time when you click on any step.



Stream2Watch is a comprehensive streaming platform that provides links to live streams of various sporting events, including boxing streams. It aggregates streaming links from different sources and is one of the convenient options to find free boxing match streams. Grouped by sport type like BuffStreams, you can watch every game from NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, MLS and all European soccer matches. You can set time zones and search for sports events.

Obviously, it’s also a non-official site and ad pop-ups are inevitable, so please don’t accidentally touch or click on them while you’re using it.



StreamEast allows you to search for live sports worldwide. You can find all the sports here. And you can also experience its user-friendly design interface, the ability to view the schedule of all today’s matches (boxing matches are viewed on the same day) or yesterday or tomorrow, and the intuitive team VS situation.

StreamEast doesn’t have so many annoying ad intrusions, and if your ad blocker is strong enough, you may experience an ad-free boxing site that you can watch for free. However, you are still advised to be vigilant, because the legitimacy of the stream links contained therein is unknown.

Live TV


LiveTV is a free website that offers live sports, sports videos, and live scores. But its boxing side is not very extensive, LiveTV offers more American soccer, basketball, tennis, and field hockey. Since it is a free site with clear and reliable content, boxing fans still search for this site during boxing matches. You can log in and register an account to get more information about the matches you follow.

The LiveTV site is not heavily ad-invaded, but we caution you to be wary of these unofficial sites.



FreeInterTV is a Russian-based website that is a popular choice for boxing fans and sports fans. When you enter the site you can feel that its pages contain a lot of information, not only sports options but also news, entertainment, music channels, and many countries. FreeInterTV is free of excessive advertising and has a clear and reliable streaming quality.

But you can also notice it doesn’t have the same detailed schedule as the previously mentioned free sites. Freeintertv is more integrated, the navigation is a bit clumsy and there are too many information elements. Even if it doesn’t have too many advertising distractions, we must always remember that it is not an official streaming site.

VIPRow Sports


VIPRow, a free streaming site, offers almost every type of sports competition. You don’t need to register, it works on any device. Whether it’s boxing or soccer World Cup, WWE, NBA, or F1, whenever you want to watch a free major event, you’ll find it here.

However, VIPRow also has annoying ads and is slow to load.

FirstRow Sports


FirstRow Sports has a simple interface, you just need to find the type of sports you want, click on the game time, and choose any available link to watch. And from what I saw when I clicked on it, the ads were relatively small. The quality is clear.

However, some of the jumping pages are not clear, so users need to pay attention when using it.



At a glance, the buff-stream name is stolen from the buffstreams site mentioned above. This one was moved from #crackstreams to buffstream.io. The site has a very minimal setup and is fairly clear in terms of sports schedules. You can watch NFL, NBA, NHL, boxing, etc.

In addition, please do not go to easily register non-official websites.



SportSurge is a popular free streaming site with a good navigation bar on which you can clearly find your matches with detailed schedules. Watch soccer, basketball, boxing, and rugby without any problem.

But some time ago the site was in a slump, with all categories showing “no matches found”, but now it’s back up and running.

Box. Live


Box. Live is a free website dedicated to watching boxing matches. There are detailed schedules, results and ranking data services, and more. Also offers fight previews, news feeds, TV listings, streaming details, and tickets.

Box. Live has ad pop-ups, some links will have region restrictions and are slow to load.

Other online sites where you can watch live boxing streams for free are:

SportRAR.TV, so to speak, is a search engine for live sports streaming content on the Internet. Although it searches for boxing matches, it actually focuses more on soccer.

Team USA Boxing focuses on American boxing and its development in the United States, with the intention of promoting and developing Olympic-style amateur boxing in the United States.

123TV is currently offline. But it was a good free sports site before. I had a good quality and friendly user interface. It was the best for watching boxing and American sports events.

Note: In addition, the legality of free boxing streaming sites can be a gray area as they may infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights. It is crucial to understand the legal implications and potential risks when accessing content from such sites. If you are unsure about the security of the free boxing site you are viewing, it is recommended that you use a VPN to protect your information.

Paid services: Watch premium boxing streams

After browsing the free boxing streaming sites mentioned above, you should also understand the drawbacks of free sites, where advertising is inevitable and security is unknown. If you need a stable and secure streaming service to watch quality boxing matches.

Below we have compiled a table of IPTV subscription for you to watch boxing streams on a pay-per-view basis.

ServiceIPTV Free TrialPriceContent
DAZNNo$19.99 per monthDAZN offers a wide range of sports content, including boxing, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and more. You can watch a variety of boxing matches and events on DAZN, including world-class boxing matches, championship-level boxing events, and other boxing-related programs and content.
ESPN+No9.99 per month. Or $99.99/yearDAZN offers a wide range of sports content, including boxing, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and more. You can watch a variety of boxing matches and events on DAZN, including world-class boxing matches, championship-level boxing events, and other boxing-related programs and content.
GTV IPTV3-Days free trialUS $19.99 a monthESPN+ offers the best leagues and most consistent live sporting events. Includes exclusive PPV events, boxing, fight night, UFC, and NHL.
Showtime 30-day free trial$10.99/monthShowtime also offers some sports-related content, including boxing events. You can watch some famous boxing matches and boxing-related shows on Showtime. There are also originals, movies, and documentaries.
Top Rank Boxing//Showtime also offers some sports-related content, including boxing events. You can watch some famous boxing matches and boxing-related shows on Showtime. There are also originals, movies, and documentaries.
Paid services: Watch premium boxing streams

Boxing Schedule 2023: Major Boxing Fights

Boxing as a competitive sport has a long history and a rich cultural background. It is also a high-risk sport. There are many spectators who cannot appreciate this type of sport, the violence. But, still, boxing streams still have many fans to follow.

Below, we have listed the major boxing event dates for July and August 2023:

July 2023

July 1, 2023Dalton Smith vs Sam Maxwell3:00 p.m. ETUtilita Arena, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UKDAZN
July 1, 2023Esquiva Falcao vs. Vincenzo GualtieriWuppertal, Germany
July 1, 2023Giovanni De Carolis vs. TBAOstia Lido, Italy
July 1, 2023Jared Anderson vs Zhan Kossobutskiy7:00 p.m. ETHuntington Center, Toledo, OH, USESPNStart From $54
July 07, 2023Diego Pacheco vs Manuel Gallegos9:00 p,m, ETMonterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
July 08, 2023Eimantas Stanionis vs Vergil Ortiz Jr.9:00 p.m. ETAT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas, USDAZNStart From $68
July 15, 2023Alycia Baumgardner vs. Christina Linardatou8:00 p.m. ETMasonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan, USDAZN
July 22, 2023Serhii Bohachuk vs Patrick Allotey10:00 p.m. ETChumash Casino, Santa Ynez, California, USUFC Fight Pass
July 22, 2023George Kambosos Jr vs Maxi HughesMain Card – 10:00 p.m. ETFireLake Arena, Shawnee, OK. USMain Card – ESPN/ESPN+
Prelims – ESPN+
July 22, 2023MF & DAZN: X Series 009Berlin, GermanyDAZN
July 22, 2023Seniesa Estrada vs TBA
July 25, 2023Stephen Fulton vs Naoya Inoue8:00 a.m. ETAriake Arena, Tokyo, Japan
July 28, 2023Seniesa Estrada vs Leonela Paola YudicaLas vegas, USESPN+
July 29, 2023Liam Davies vs. Jason Cunningham,3:00 p.m. ETTelford International Centre, Telford, Shropshire, EnglandBT Sports
July 29, 2023Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr.9:00 p.m. ETT-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV, USShowtime PPV
July 29, 2023Vaughn Alexander vs. Courtney PenningtonAmbassador Club, Saint Louis, Missouri, US

August 2023

August 5, 2023Jake Paul vs. Nate DiazAmerican Airlines Center in Dallas, TexasDAZNStart From $486
August 5, 2023Erislandy Lara vs Danny Garcia9:00 p.m. ETBarclays Center, Brooklyn, NYShowtime
August 5, 2023Beltway BattlesWashington, D.C.
August 12, 2023Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel DuboisWroclaw, Poland
August 12, 2023Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez(Expected)Arizona
August 19, 2023Artur Beterbiev vs Callum SmithVideotron Centre, Québec City, Canada.US – ESPN+
August 19, 2023Ricardo Malajika vs. Kevin MunozSouth Africa
August 20, 2023Tyson Fury vs Demsey McKean(Expected)Australia
August 26, 2023MF & DAZN: X Series 010London, EnglandDAZN

For a more detailed schedule and later dates of the tournament, you can go to the official boxing website and also get more information. For example, what channel each boxing match can be watched on, information about each fighter, etc.

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When Do You Need a VPN to Watch Boxing Streams?

In the above description of using free sites, and unofficial sites, we are also reminding you to use VPN to protect your information and location. Besides that, do I need a VPN to watch boxing streams using legal sites? Below you will find information on when to use a VPN to watch boxing streams or other major events.

  1. Geo-restrictions: With a VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy watching your favorite boxers from any location worldwide. Take ESPN+ as an example, a streaming service available in the US that offers a wide range of boxing content, including live events. Unfortunately, if you’re located outside the US, accessing this service would typically be restricted. However, by using a VPN, you can overcome this limitation and gain access to ESPN+ or similar platforms regardless of your location.
  2. Accessing international broadcasts: Boxing matches are often broadcasted on different platforms and networks in various countries. If you want to watch a specific international broadcast of a boxing match that is not available in your country, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in the country where the broadcast is being aired. This allows you to access the local streaming service or TV network and watch the fight.
  3. Privacy and security: While not directly related to watching boxing, a VPN can provide an extra layer of privacy and security when streaming content online. It encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address, making it more difficult for others to track your online activities. This can be beneficial if you value privacy or want to protect your data while accessing boxing-related streaming platforms.

It’s worth noting that using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions may be against the terms of service of some streaming platforms, so it’s essential to review the legal and ethical implications of using a VPN for this purpose.


What is a subreddit for boxing streams?

Reddit boxing streams are banned. Sharing or promoting unauthorized copyrighted content, including boxing matches, is a violation of Reddit’s content policy and may result in the removal of subsections and potential penalties.

Certainly, if you’re interested, you can search for alternative Reddit communities to find information on boxing streams. Both free and paid boxing streams mentioned earlier can be utilized.

Why are boxing streams banned?

There could be several reasons why streaming boxing streams may be banned or restricted:
Broadcast rights: Boxing matches are typically organized by promotional companies or governing bodies that sell exclusive broadcast rights to specific television networks or streaming platforms. These rights holders invest significant resources in acquiring the rights to broadcast the matches and generate revenue through subscriptions or advertising. As a result, unauthorized streaming of boxing matches infringes on these rights and can lead to legal consequences.
Piracy concerns: Streaming unauthorized boxing matches online is considered a form of piracy, which involves the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content. Piracy undermines the revenue streams of rights holders and negatively impacts the profitability of boxing events. To combat piracy, copyright holders and organizations involved in boxing promotion actively monitor and take action against illegal streaming activities.
Revenue generation: Boxing matches generate significant revenue through pay-per-view (PPV) sales and subscriptions to official broadcasting platforms. By banning or restricting unauthorized streams, organizers, and broadcasters can protect their revenue streams and maintain control over the distribution and monetization of the matches.
Protecting the sport: Banning unauthorized streams also helps maintain the integrity of the sport. By controlling the distribution and viewing platforms, organizers can regulate the quality and security of the broadcasts, ensuring that viewers have a legitimate and reliable viewing experience.

What happened to boxing live streams on Reddit?

Reddit has taken steps to enforce its content policy and crack down on unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content, including boxing matches. Subsections dedicated to sharing and discussing live boxing streams have been removed due to copyright infringement issues. Reddit’s actions are part of its efforts to comply with copyright laws and protect the intellectual property of content creators and rights holders.

How to watch free boxing streams?

Watching free boxing streams can be a challenging task, as it often involves unauthorized or illegal sources, which may violate copyright laws. However, there are legal options to watch boxing matches for free.
1. free trials: Some streaming platforms offer IPTV free trials that allow you to access their content, including boxing matches, for a limited period of time. Services like GTV IPTV, ESPN+, and DAZN occasionally offer free trials that can be used to watch boxing matches during the trial period.

2. Free broadcasts: Sometimes, certain boxing matches may be broadcast for free on television networks or online platforms. These can include big fights or promotions that are available for free to a wider audience.
3. Official channels and websites: Pay close attention to official boxing channels and websites, which occasionally offer free select fights or highlights. These can be official social media pages such as YouTube channels.


In conclusion, boxing fans have a range of choices when it comes to watching boxing streams online, whether they prefer free or paid options. From the convenience of free streaming sites to the comprehensive coverage provided by paid services, there are numerous platforms available to enjoy your favorite fights.

It is worth noting that using a VPN can be beneficial in bypassing geographical restrictions and accessing streams from various regions. It is important to stay informed about the boxing schedule to ensure you don’t miss any of the action. Additionally, it is recommended to prioritize legal and authorized sources to support the sport and uphold the rights of content creators. Enjoy your boxing streaming experience!

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