Greek IPTV: A Comprehensive Guide to Greek TV

Greek IPTV offers a convenient solution for accessing live TV channels and content from Greece. Regardless of your location, whether in Greece or abroad, there are multiple options available to enjoy Greek live TV and indulge in its diverse programming. This article will delve into the different methods of watching Greek live TV, including online streaming options in the UK, popular Greek channels, the top Greek IPTV provider, and even free M3U playlists for Greek IPTV enthusiasts.

Greek IPTV: How to watch Greek live TV


To access Greek live TV, there are several methods you can choose from, including subscribing to IPTV services, using online streaming platforms, or opting for satellite services. Each option provides different benefits and viewing experiences, allowing you to enjoy Greek channels and content.

How can I watch Greek TV programs in the UK?

For those in the UK, there are options available to watch Greek TV online. By subscribing to Greek IPTV providers or exploring online platforms featuring Greek content, you can access a variety of Greek channels and shows from the comfort of your home in the UK. Additionally, satellite services may offer Greek channels as part of their broadcasting lineup.

If you’re planning to travel and are eager to watch Greek TV programs in the UK, using a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions and access your favorite shows is a great solution. Learn how to watch Greek TV in the UK! Greek TV channels offer a variety of popular television channels, including ANT1, Star, Alpha TV, Astra TV, and Action 24. On these channels, you can enjoy exciting movies and TV shows such as Greek Salad, Blue Masters, Silent Road, and Family Greek Home.

Greek IPTV: Greek channels available in the UK

  1. ANT1: ANT1 is one of the most popular Greek channels offering a diverse range of programs including news, entertainment, dramas, and reality shows.
  2. Star: Star is a prominent Greek channel known for its entertaining content, including series, movies, and game shows.
  3. Alpha TV: Alpha TV is a major Greek channel that broadcasts a variety of programs, including news, sports, documentaries, and popular TV series.
  4. Astra TV: Astra TV is a Greek channel that focuses on news, current affairs, and cultural programs, providing comprehensive coverage of Greek and international news.
  5. Action 24: Action 24 is a Greek channel specializing in sports coverage, including live sports events, sports news, and analysis.

Note: In the UK, due to geo-restrictions and limited access to their services, many programs are not available to watch. It is necessary to use a VPN to unblock Greek TV or choose a reliable IPTV provider that offers playback of multiple Greek channel programs.

Here is a rearranged list of some of the most popular Greek TV channels:

  1. Skai TV
  2. Star Channel
  3. Vouli TV
  4. RIK Sat
  5. Alter Channel
  6. Star International
  7. Blue
  8. Rai 1
  9. TV5Monde
  10. Universal Channel Greece
  11. Baby TV

Please note that this is just a selection of popular Greek TV channels and there are many more channels available for viewers to explore and enjoy.


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Choosing the right Greek IPTV provider is crucial for a seamless viewing experience. Factors to consider include the selection of Greek channels, streaming quality and stability, and pricing and subscription options.

Greece boasts approximately 10 national radio and television networks, along with around 150 local television stations spanning the country. GTV IPTV offers a selection of 79 Greece IPTV channels, encompassing the majority of popular TV channels. With our Greece IPTV service, you can enjoy a wide range of captivating TV shows, movies, and live sports broadcasts.

Is the best Greek IPTV subscription service


GTV IPTV offers the best Greek IPTV subscription service with a wide range of features and content. With over 1000 ordinary and premium channels in HD quality, you can enjoy a diverse selection of entertainment. Additionally, the service provides access to over 3000 movies and TV shows on-demand, ensuring you never run out of things to watch.

One of the standout features of GTV is the extra package, which includes 7 days of catch-up and PVR functionality. This allows you to conveniently catch up on missed shows and even record your favorite programs. With a solid IPTV service that guarantees a seamless streaming experience, you can enjoy your favorite Greek content without any buffering or freezing.

To ensure customer satisfaction, GTV IPTV offers a 3-day free trial before ordering, allowing you to test the service firsthand. Once you decide to subscribe, the activation code is sent instantly, enabling you to start enjoying the extensive selection of Greek channels and content without delay.

GTV IPTV offers a wide range of channels from over 20 countries, including popular destinations like Britain, the United States, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Ireland, Arabia, Turkey, and India. With our service, customers in the foreign tourism industry can easily access our live channels without the need for a VPN.

How much does GTV IPTV cost

GTV IPTV offers its subscribers the chance to enjoy a complimentary 3-day trial and a range of paid subscription options, each accompanied by its exclusive IPTV activation code. Users can choose from different packages and plans, including GTV and GTV Plus, with flexible pricing options available:

Subscription plansGTVGTV Plus
3 Days trial$0$0
1 Month$19.99$32.99
3 Months$49.99$79.99
6 Months$79.99$129.99
12 Months$139.99$199.99

Greek IPTV Free M3U Playlist

For those looking for free options, Greek IPTV M3U playlists can be a valuable resource. These playlists contain links to streaming channels and can be used with compatible media players. However, it’s important to be cautious and verify the sources of these playlists to ensure their reliability and legality.

Greek IPTV free full list 2023

The free full list of Greek IPTV channels includes the best Greek channels with FHD, HD, and SD quality. You can use media players like VLC Player, KODI, GSE, SMARTERS, or other players that support playing M3U lists to access these channels. However, we recommend VLC Player for its stability and reliability. Please note that these links are valid for 24 to 48 hours and will be automatically updated on the website. Users should regularly visit the website to get the updated free full list of Greek IPTV channels.

M3U IPTV Players

Programs that can open or play M3U files:

OSM3U Player
Windows1. Microsoft Groove Music
2. Windows Media Player
3. VLC media player
4. Nullsoft Winamp
5. Clementine
Mac1. VLC media player
2. Songbird
3. Clementine
4. Nullsoft Winamp
Linux1. Microsoft Groove Music
2. Windows Media Player
3. VLC media player
4. Nullsoft Winamp
5. Clementine
Android1. VLC for Android
2. IPTV Player
iOS1. VLC for Mobile
2. GoTV – M3U IPTV Player
3. IPTV Player


How can I get Cyprus TV in the UK?

To access Cyprus TV in the UK, you can explore options such as subscribing to IPTV services that offer Cyprus TV channels or checking online streaming platforms that provide live streaming of Cyprus TV.

Does Greek IPTV catch up with most Greek channels?

GTV IPTV Plus has a seven-day catch-up on most Greek channels, including Greek Sports Channels.

Why can’t I watch BBC in Greece?

Due to rights agreements, you need to be in the UK to stream and download programs or watch BBC TV channels on BBC iPlayer.


The advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to watch Greek live TV. Whether you are in Greece or the UK, there are numerous options available to enjoy Greek channels and content. From IPTV services and online platforms to satellite services and free M3U playlists, you have the flexibility to customize your viewing experience according to your preferences. Exploring these options not only brings you a wide range of Greek entertainment but also keeps you connected to Greek culture, offering a sense of home regardless of your location.

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